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Autow Nite Superstore

"SYZYGY" Autow Nite Superstore

Directed by Effie Pappa

Produced by Autow Nite Superstore & Effie Pappa




Natasa Tsagari

Cinematographer: Dimitris Lambridis

Art/ Styling: Effie Pappa

Make Up: Nicole K

Choreographer: LaPelusa

Focus Puller: Marios Delias

Gaffer: Kostas Bakogiannis

Art Asst: Anastasia Papadopoulou

Production Asst 1: Aimilia Milou

Production Asst 2: Marilena Euthimiou

Flowers: Spacegreen

Wardrobe: Anna Zotou

Shot at Arctos Studios

Edit: Thomas Balogiannis

Colourist: Manthos Sardis

Clean Ups: Takes2 Productions

VFX: George Kountouras

Special thanks: Christos Anastasiades, Anastasios Pappas, Kostas Mylonas, Mina Dreki,

Lia Kolita


“When I first listened to Autow Nite’s Superstore “SYZYGY” it instantly gave me a tingling sensation and I knew it was a piece I had to visualise. It’s bold, honest and emotionally raw marriage between the mesmerising “Ave Maria” and the brutal electronic chords transported me to a place of true naked self in trepidation but in safety. My vision was to visualise these two different voices like corresponding systems mirroring each others

emotions to create a close union which would lead to a cathartic peak.


He who hopes to grow in spirit, He will not be afraid of the destructive act

will have to transcend obedience and respect.


“SYZYGY” is a lot about my personal relationship with art and it was a great challenge to create a visual piece that it would equally reflect the original emotions that the track brought to me. JAMSQ and Natasa’s talent made this real."

Effie Pappa


16 April 2021

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