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Effie Pappa is an Award winning Director and Animator based in Athens and London. Her work explores characters and discusses universal themes depicting human concerns through allegory, absurdism and black humour. Her films have been screened and awarded internationally; with her stand out film “My Stuffed Granny”, which won twenty Awards for Best short film during 2014; (Edinburgh Film Festival, Tokyo Anime Awards, Palm Springs, New York amongst others) and nominated in hundreds.


She also directs for commercials and music videos - "Wild World" by Yusuf/Cat Stevens, “The Little Elephant” by George Hadjipieris and “STAR” by Locomondo considered the most popular ones.


Her work is featured in Rolling Stone, BFI Showcase, Short of the Week, ABC and The Fader amongst others.


Effie is currently developing feature and series projects in animation and live action.


UK representation

A.R.C. (A Running Commentary)

Effie Pappa - Director


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