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Music Video, Band: Locomondo

Official music video for "STAR" by Locomondo. This is a story about Stella, a young girl who helps her mother at the Hairdressers, dreaming to become the next Talent Show star. Puppets made out of plasticine and other materials, come to life with the technique of Stop Motion to tell the story of the girl who, for a little while made her dream come true, and become a STAR, STAR, STAAAR..

Directed & Animated by Effie Pappa
Production: Locomondo

Model Makers:

Thanassis Katzavelos
Anastasia Papadopoulou
Effie Pappa


Panagiotis Kontogiannis
Maria Ourani
Konstantina Polychronidou


Colour correction / Asst. Editor: Thomas Balogiannis

Special thanks to:


Georgia Arvaniti, Joan Zhongas, Irida Zhonga

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